Monday, November 02, 2009

Wow, I'm sorry for not posting here.

like.... at all....... I'll start again this month I promise.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I cannot get the Clockwork Orange soundtrack out of my head.

This is a good thing by the way. I downloaded the soundtrack about a week ago onto my hard drive, and I was in awe even though I loved it already. And then I rewatched the movie late last night and it still had as much effect on me now as it did when I first saw it a good few years ago. Everything about it is amazing. But yeah, the score is in my head and has been since I rewatched the movie. Epic shit. Love you Kubrick. You da man!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Haven't posted in three months.... wow.

Lol. I'll try.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

FUCK! I need motivation to post here!

Seriously, I have nothing to write about at all! except how AWESOME kung fu movies are ! <3

If you have a recommendation on what the fuck I should write about. then i'd love to hear it!


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?

En-garde! I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style!

Kung fu movies are amazing. <3

I downloaded a few today and will watch them tonight.......:

Master of the Flying Guillotine
7 Blows of the Dragon
Return to the 36 Chambers (aka Return of the Master Killer)


a few thoughts...

........on some films i saw recently:


House of 1000 Corpses - Rob Zombie's directorial debut from 2003.
A really really fun film. The performances are dedicated and ambitious and they're backed up by a tight screenplay and superb direction from Rob Zombie. It's almost as good as the second installment, but it's not as good. Either way, it's awesome as fuck. 9/10

The Devil's Rejects Rob Zombie's sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, 2005
Awesome-r than the first and a lot more fun. While the first was more genuine horror, the Devil's Rejects focused a lot more on the family and Zombie manages to make us like these people even though they're committing horrific acts. 9/10

The Foot Fist Way - Jody Hill's directorial debut, 2006
I watched this for Danny McBride only, and I wasn't disappointed with him. His performance here is like every other of his... fucking brilliant. His presence on screen and his attitude towards... well, anything is just amazing and super awesome. Beyond that though, the film isn't amazing. The screenplay is great, but the direction is bad but some of the supporting cast are really hilarious. 7/10

Fuck - A documentary from Steve Anderson, 2005
Whilst being a great insight into the history of censorship, it's also the story of a word and the word is described perfectly in every second of the documentary. I'm guessing that was the point of the film so it did a superb job. It's also got a tonne of hilarious interviews with some awesome chicks and dudes from the media industry today (Hunter S Thompson, Kevin Smith, Bill Maher, etc). A really great documentary. 8/10

The Ringer - Barry W Blaustein's comedy from 2005
Okay, so at times I have to say that I was actually quite offended by some of the content here but I also have to say that I laughed a goddamn hell of a lot. The only GOOD thing about the entire movie is Johnny Knoxville - the fact that he's a horrendous actor just makes his performance(s) so much more hilarious. Like I said, he's the only good thing about the film. But I did LAUGH tonnes so I guess the screenplay gets some props. 5/10

The Caller
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Ace Ventura: Pet Decective
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Spirit (2008)

I mean, visually it was absolutely gorgeous and I was really amazed by the look the filmmakers have achieved but beyond that it's a really bad film. The score, at times, is very out of place and the editing is far too quick paced for it's own good. The performances were horrifying, each and every one of them. Even Samuel L. Jackson, who is usually in kickass form. To add to that the screenplay was terribly written... nearly every single line was laughable. 2/10.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Whoah. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did, and I have to admit it's fucking awesome! Hugh Jackman was really fantastic, it's his best performance, exceeded only by his role in the Fountain. The action is directed and choreographed so well and so splendidly that it eases its way into the film beautifully. The screenplay is really good and it's never disappointing. In the workprint I watched, there were about four scenes (including the final battle) which didn't have special effects, but I can tell that once added this is going to look absolutely phenomenal. And if it doesn't get a nod for visual effects or cinematography I will be wondering why the hell not. 8/10

Monday, March 30, 2009

i don't want to complain, but....

....ugh, life is so shit sometimes.

urgh. :/

Sunday, March 29, 2009

and now... to plunge back into the week.

i wish the rest of my life just consisted of Sundays.... so chilling. :P

anyway, the weekend wasn't all that bad. smoked lots of pot, chilled a lot, watched tonnes of ECW.

lets hope the week brings good tidings.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

so i just realized something.....

my bed is really bouncy. how awesome is that?

hi. today is saturday and its 3.17pm. lol. so i went out today in the rain ¬__¬ to get pot. so i got pot. smoked pot. smoked more pot. saw some crack fiend friends of mine and chilled. and now i am home.

my viewing plans for tonight.....
More ECW (I downloaded "The Night the Line Was Crossed" from 1994.
Dazed and Confused
In Bruges
The first ten episodes of Lost Season Five
if your reading this.
add me.
talk to me.
i'm bored.

so, it's saturday...

let's hope the weekend brings joy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Top Thirty of 2008.

Just f.y.i. I've seen 129 in total, so far. And I rate out of 100.

Right: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Williams and Tom Noonan in Synecdoche, New York.

1. Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman) 10/10
As emotionally draining as it is beautiful and amazing.

2. Vals im Bashir <Waltz with Bashir> (Ari Folman) 10/10
Every single shot is beautiful. Tiny flaws but it is superb nonetheless.

3. Mister Lonely (Harmony Korine) 9/10
Not Korine's best flick, but it is brilliant.

4. The Wrestler (Darren Aronofsky) 9/10
Good. Very good. Emotional, too. Which is great.

5. Snow Angels (David Gordon Green) 9/10
Really good. Love it.

6. Bi-mong <Dream> (Ki-duk Kim) 9/10
Beautiful, but not perfect. It's a tiny mindfuck, which is confusing at times.

7. Milk (Gus Van Sant) 9/10
Admirable and noble. Haha. Van Sant is the only guy who could've done it.

8. In Bruges (Martin McDonagh) 9/10
Absolutely exhilirating. It's fun, awesome and hilarious. :D

9. Låt den rätte komma in <Let the Right One In> (Tomas Alfredson) 9/10
Epic, to say the least. Haha. Best vampire flick ever.

10. Somers Town (Shane Meadows) 9/10
Really sweet. Thomas Turgoose grew up! Zomg. It's really good!

Above: Lina Leandersson in Let the Right One In.

11. Shotgun Stories (Jeff Nichols) 9/10
Brilliant, but sadly it's a bit slow..... but that doesn't stop it being great.

12. Revolutionary Road (Sam Mendes) 9/10
Epic. Thought I wouldn't like it, but I did. Great flick.

13. Joy Division (Grant Gee) 9/10
I love Joy Division, so it's only right I love this.

14. Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green) 9/10
A STONER MOVIE. 'nuff said.

15. Special (Hal Haberman & Jeremy Passmore) 9/10
Really really funny, it slowly transforms into an emotional ride and that is brilliant.

16. Futurama: Bender's Game (Dwayne Carey-Hill) 9/10
The best Futurama movie. It's just so awesome! Every joke is funny.

17. Frost/Nixon (Ron Howard) 9/10
Enthralling and engaging. Two really superb performances run off a great script.

18. The Wackness (Jonathan Levine) 9/10
Another pot movie.... kinda. With Josh Peck and Ben Kingsley. So awesome!

19. Nothing But the Truth (Rod Lurie) 9/10
Really epic. Beckinsale's performance is just so amazing!!!!

20. Transsiberian (Brad Anderson) 8/10
Really great flick. Great ensemble and great art direction. <3

Below: Michael Rappaport in Special.

21. JCVD (Mabrouk El Mechri) 8/10

22. Taken (Pierre Morel) 8/10
FUCKIN YES! Action flick to the max. So awesome.

23. Funny Games US (Michael Haneke) 8/10
Amazing! Not as good as the original, even though they're like 99.9% similar. Pitt is excellent.

24. Il Divo (Paolo Sorrentino) 8/10
Sooo entertaining. The editing is just bliss. Epic flick.

25. Los Cronocrímenes <Timecrimes> (Nacho Vigalondo) 8/10
BRILLIANT! Epic story of time travel, and it's Spanish! It's so great.

26. Cadillac Records (Darnell Martin) 8/10
Really good. Loved the music too. Superb ensemble aswell. Hahah.

27. Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller) 8/10
So. Goddamn. Funny. And. Awesome. And. ITS GOT KENNY POWERS IN IT! eastbound & down ftw.

28. Felon (Ric Roman Waugh) 8/10
Val Kilmer? + Stephen Dorff? + Prison Flick? = Epic shit. Awesome as fuck movie.

29. Yes Man (Peyton Reed) 8/10
FUCKING so funny. I lol'd a hell of a lot. Deschanel can sit on my lap any time. And Carrey is brilliant.

30. W (Oliver Stone) 8/10
HAHAAHAAHHAA. This movie is so awesome. I really liked it. Haha.

Below: Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer in Felon.

Overall, it was a really good year. But it also had a tonne of ridiculously bad movies. Ie, The Happening, Shoot on Sight, Six Reasons Why, College, The House Bunny, Midnight Movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Solstice, Passengers, A Complete History of My Sexual Failures, Vantage Point, Splinter, Gran Torino, Seven Pounds, Hell Ride, Doomsday, WALL·E, The Day the Earth Stood Still.... the list goes on and on. Haha.



Another playlist. Enjoy. I'll start blogging again later. :)

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check this out.

just made a small playlist on
enjoy :)

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


on the left is me with the dvd

My nan bought it me on 2-disc DVD earlier today. A great film. Can't wait to watch it again.

AND! It was only £7! Bargain! :D


f i l m.

As you may or may not know, as of right now, my life revolves around my aspirations to become a filmmaker. As much as it's a dream, it's also a passion. I feel strongly about the industry and the material it produces, and these films and the attitudes, goals and things the people who made these films have achieved just gives me all the more reason to advance further in this field. Film is my life and if I can, as a filmmaker, make people feel the emotions that many filmmakers have managed to make me feel... then I'll be happy.

The biggest influences on my work are Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo, Julien-Donkey Boy, Mister Lonely), Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Paths of Glory) and David Lynch (Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Inland Empire, Mulholland Drive). These three men have changed my outlook on just about everything from anxiety and depression to human life itself. To be honest, as a person it's changed me for the better. Something which I'm extremely proud of.

Here's a rundown of my ten favourite films of all-time.

10. Koyaanisqatsi (Godfrey Reggio, 1982)

A film with absolutely no plot whatsoever? "It will never work!" I hear you scream. Well, if you really believe that then this is a must-see. It's a heavily layered compilation of images filmed over six years, and the final product is a mere 86 minutes. The images are extremely profound and at times deeply moving. The music corresponds so amazingly well with the imagery it's almost impossible not to love this movie, and I do. :)

9. Dazed and Confused (Richard Linklater, 1993)

8. Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman, 2008)
Charlie Kaufman is a true visionary. Being John Malkovich was brilliant and whilst Adaptation was a slight step down it was still a good film. Kaufman's directorial debut was hyped up to be this epic heartfelt film shrouded in deep emotion and genius - and that is genuinely exactly what it is, and at the same time it's so much more. The entire ensemble is perfect, which just leaves the screenplay to do it's magic... and it does more than magic. The film clicked with me on an extremely emotional level, something I was not expecting. In fact, it took me five viewings to wrap my head around the film in it's entirety. But I knew after watching it for the first time, that I was watching a masterpiece. And that's what Synecdoche, NY is... a masterpiece.

7. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980)
The scariest film I have ever seen, and to this day the only film that has genuinely had me frightened to death. Stanley Kubrick mastered every genre and this film, imo, is his greatest achievement. Based on a terrifying book by Stephen King, Kubrick doesn't exactly stay 100% true to the book but he manages to take the feeling the book gives the reader and convey it perfectly onto the screen with deep precision.... with electrifying results. Jack Nicholson provides one of the greatest performances ever put on the screen. The film is truly great in every aspect... well, bar Shelley Duvall. ;)

6. Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom <Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring> (Ki-duk Kim, 2003)
Ki-duk Kim is the only filmmaker who I've come across who has managed to convince me that the actors on screen aren't just actors... but people really feeling these emotions. The beauty of this film is that Ki-duk Kim provides an intriguing performance as a monk searching for enlightenment and at the same time he directs the film with such perfection that it's really hard to not find the images and subtext beautiful. That is the only word in the English language to describe the work of Ki-duk Kim... beautiful. And this is his greatest example.

5. Sátántangó <Satan's Tango> (Béla Tarr, 1994)
Seven and a half hours of spectacular cinematography and one very simple plotline. Satan's Tango is a cinematic experience which, if you have the patience for a film this long, is a MUST-see. Once I got a few hours in I realized that the length was irrelevant. The beauty of the film overshadows the length and it's engaging from start to finish. Delicately placed camerawork. Divine performances from each and every cast member. Musically scored to perfection. As hard as it may be to believe, but in seven and a half hours there is not one flaw.

4. Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976)
The most well known movie of my list of favourites, but that's beside the point. The film is superb, an excellent display of loneliness, depression, anxiety among other things. Robert DeNiro escapes into the character of Travis Bickle, delivering a career-best performance. Bernard Hermann's instantly recognizable score is perfect along with everything else about the film. From the stunning art direction all the way to Scorsese's overall direction which, when you look at it, is truly phenomenal.

3. Gummo (Harmony Korine, 1997)
One of the most powerful films I've ever seen with an epic screenplay. The narration perfectly holds the movie together. Understanding the characters introduced through the narration is unbelievably easy as they are summed up within seconds and although they are understandable, there is so much more to them beneath the surface which is revealed through what they do and the paths they choose to take as the film continues. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and it's edited together almost perfectly. It manages to completely draw those watching knee deep into the gritty and often shocking atmosphere presented within the confinement of this tornado-stricken town. The soundtrack is filled with a mix of black metal and folk music - the strangest mix, but it's utterly fulfilling when given the backdrop of this film and every song fits perfectly whatever the genre. A perfect film. A masterpiece in every way possible, and in my eyes Korine is a genius - this only further proves that statement.

2. The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover (Peter Greenaway, 1989)
There are few films which make my jaw drop to the floor in awe, The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover is one of those. Everything on screen is just beautiful. The costume and production design are the main factors in the films beauty as they change gracefully from scene to scene. Peter Greenaway manages to do everything with such style and elegance that it's hard to not concentrate. This is all helped into shape by the superb screenplay and the splendid range of actors who all deliver unbelievable performances. In a nutshell, the film is the definition of what cinema should be and what cinema should consist of. When you compare something like this to what filmmakers nowadays believe entertainment is.... well, the obvious winner is quite obvious. The film really is beauty and perfection defined. Completely flawless and full of splendour.

1. Eraserhead (David Lynch, 1977)
Depression, suicide, fatherhood, marriage, death, life, loneliness, fulfillment, disappointment, anger, shock. These are just some of the themes that David Lynch brings forth with Eraserhead. It's truly perfect and so many different aspects of the film are just spellbinding and mind-bending. At times, it's hard to get your head around anything you see but all you have to do is look. And when you look you will see. In the five years Lynch took to make this film, he did everything: direction, writing, producing, composing music, editing, production design, art direction, sound effects and the special effects. For a feature debut as a director, that is pretty revolutionary. As a director, Lynch is a genius as everything you see on the screen has at least 99% input from the man himself (like I said, everything)... as a man, Lynch is a genius. That is obvious from the film as a whole and his entire filmography. Eraserhead stands out from the rest of Lynch's films, for me, because of the beauty and how much I can relate to the main character. If you've seen it, you'll know that sounds crazy. But it's true.

So, there you have it. My top ten films of all-time. Agree? Disagree? Want to know something more? Ask me.


just went out in the garden for a joint. was a bit cold, but it's nice pot. AND i'm watching ECW. awesome, amirite?

hahah. new episodes of Lost, Important Things with Demetri Martin and South Park tonight. w00t.

oh, and here's a funny picture.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Lost. Among the greatest TV shows ever made. When it goes off the air after the season finale, I'm gonna be so devastated. Hahah.

I was hooked as soon as I saw the Pilot, which has kept me occupied since the end of 2004. Haha. Such an awesome show, and how the writers have managed to keep their viewers entertained for such a long time is just admirable. Totally. The characterization is perfectly edited into the whole plane crash element of the show, but it's so brilliantly done and so fucking epic - and to add to that the score is beautiful. Michael Giacchino, the composer, has been consistently amazing.

I'm in the mood for some useless information:

Favourite Character:

To be honest, it's a tie between three guys. John Locke is just pure awesome. He's pretty much been the protector of the island since day one, which just makes him awesome as hell. He's also a very smart man. Benjamin Linus is also all kinds of awesome. A manipulating and lying genius. In real life, that would be very not awesome. Luckily, Lost isn't REAL so you know, it's awesome. Hahah. Desmond Hume is a time travelling Scotsman and he's been through a hell of a lot. Best of all, he's kept contained and has always been awesome, ever since Man of Science, Man of Faith.

^ John Locke

^ Benjamin Linus

^ Desmond Hume

Seasons Ranked:
I'll throw my top five episodes of each season in there too!

one: Four:
1. "The Constant"
2. "There's No Place Like Home"
3. "Cabin Fever"
4. "The Shape of Things to Come"
5. "Confirmed Dead"

two: One:
1. "Exodus"
2. "Pilot"
3. "Hearts and Minds"
4. "Walkabout"
5. "Numbers"

three: Three:
1. "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
2. "The Brig"
3. "Further Instructions"
4. "Enter 77"
5. "The Man from Tallahassee"

four: Five (so far):
1. "He's Our You"
2. "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
3. "This Place is Death"
4. "LaFleur"
5. "Because You Left"

five: Two:
1. "?"
2. "Man of Science, Man of Faith"
3. "Live Together, Die Alone"
4. "Lockdown"
5. "S.O.S."

If you haven't seen it, or you just don't watch it.... then I advise you to. But if you miss one episode, you'll be so confused you'll stop watching. So go from the start! Haha.

LOST ftw. :)